Su in Prague

Check the Czechs vol. 12° REVIVAL


  • Summer University organized by AEGEE-Praha
  • Cities visited: Praha, Plzeň, Mladá Boleslav, Český Krumlov
  • Friday, August 8th to Tuesday, August 19th
  • Event fee: 110€, Optional fee: 40€
  • Participants: 24

Discover the best way to survive a heart attack by czeching the lifestyle and traditions of the Heart of Europe!


  • Canoeing/rafting on the river Vltava and sleeping in tents
  • Interactive workshops about Czech traditions, dances and cuisine + Czech language course
  • Visiting the famous brewery in Pilsen
  • Discovering unexplored places while treasure hunting in Prague
  • First aid course
  • Theme parties – carnival or a formal dress party, European night and only for you – Czech Night
  • Visiting the ŠKODA AUTO museum and assembley line


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