Public Relations & Marketing (PR)

Do you enjoy writing articles? Take pictures? Or are you interested in social networks where you
would like to realize your ideas and release fantasies? Or are you looking for something new to
learn? Then this interest group, focused mainly on building awareness about AEGEE-Praha and its
activities, is right for you. We are open to new ideas, we enjoy communication in any form, and we
are a team of young enthusiasts who want to learn something new and are not afraid of challenges.
We are waiting right for you.

What can you expect?

– Communication on our web page and facebook page – writing articles not only about AEGEE’s
activities but also about our members and other topics related to AEGEE
– Creation of promotional materials, posters for events
– Presentation of AEGEE at other universities – bulletin boards, looking for channels to interest
new potential members
– Graphic design
– Creation of a newsletter (calendar of activities, articles, news, photos)
– Communication and presentation of AEGEE-Praha on other platforms, planning of
membership activities (eg Instagram, facebook)

What will you learn/get/use:

– Improvement of languages and communication skills: Czech, Slovak, English
– Your inner creative self can be very excited about what you enjoy and realistically apply for
creating materials and promoting AEGEE-Praha
– Edit photos, videos, presentations
– PR experience (contacts, own creation)
– Active involvement in AEGEE activities (CV point, volunteer leisure activity)
– Establishing new contacts between members and with companies and partners
– A closer look at the organizational structure and the understanding of other options at
European level