Board candidates for period 2015/2016

The Local Agora of AEGEE-Praha will take place this Wednesday (4th November) at 19.45 at the University of Economics, Rajská building, room RB 210. All the current members of AEGEE-Praha have the right to vote. The candidates for the upcoming season are: President – Karolina Jandová Treasurer – Alexandra Larina Secretary – Kateřina Klímová PR Responsible – Markéta Špičáková HR… Read more →

How was the conference 30 YEARS OF AEGEE?

When I found out that this celebrating conference is going to be held quite close to the place I currently study (Cologne) I immediately decided to go there. Luckily Brussels is close to Cologne, it takes only about three hours by bus. What was a bit pity is that I couldn’t participate the whole event, because I had final exam… Read more →

NWM Budapest 2014

On 4th December, few days after a cold wave which stopped the traffic all over the central Europe, I, Michal Šulai, and our beloved treasurer Karolina Jandová went to represent AEGEE-Praha at Autumn Network Meeting Budapest 2014. Right after our arrival, we were really nicely surprised that organizers were waiting for us at the bus station to accompany us to… Read more →

Christmas Party of AEGEE-Praha

Christmas time is over and with it also the period of Christmas parties, the most beloved and inseparable Christmas tradition. There is rarely better opportunity to meet all members, form new friendships and meet the board. That’s why we all met on December the 17th in the bar U Milé Tchýně in the center of Prague, where we celebrated for… Read more →

Czechoslovakian weekend vol. II

One year has passed and AEGEE-Praha participated for the second time in the Czechoslovakian weekend from 21st to 23rd November in a village called Sklené in Vysočina. This event is organised on the occasion of celebrating 17th November. Representatives of Czech and Slovakian AEGEE antennae met for the purpose of partying :D, getting to know other members, sharing experience and… Read more →

Agora news and Supervisory board election

Another of regular meetings of AEGEE-Praha took place on 26th of November. Main topic was report from Agora Cagliari and elections for  the Supervisory board. Three delegates and one visitor of Agora informed about results of many votings, accepted and rejected proposals,workshops and other agenda. They presented pictures from thematic parties and their overall experience. Here you can find the… Read more →

European Night – How to survive :)

From Finland to Malta, from Portugal to Azerbaijan within this area you can spend four unforgettable weeks of your summer. And no matter what destination or topic you chose for your summer university (SU) you can look forward to something that is called European night, which is a part of every event organized by AEGEE. If you are about to… Read more →

AEGEE-Praha celebrated birthday

Try to imagine that you are sitting in a park with a bunch of great people, the sun is warming but no burning and there is a smell of grilled meat in the air. You are sipping a beer and looking forward to a full cake. You are enjoing the relaxing atmosphere you have been looking forward for all winter.… Read more →


The Local Training Course “Your KEY to AEGEE” was organised on the weekend 10 and 11 May, there were about 20 participants, most of them were new members of Prague antenna but some older and more experienced members took part in the course as well. The event took place in VŠE training centre Točná surrounded by nature while being only… Read more →


Agora”, coming from the Greek word “αγορά”, stands for marketplace. However the word originates from an ancient Greek verb (“αγείρω”) which means “to assemble”. In ancient Greek cities, an Agora was an open space serving as an assembly area, where political, artistic and spiritual life of the city was taking part and backdrop for commercial, civic, social, and religious activities.… Read more →