Agora”, coming from the Greek word “αγορά”, stands for marketplace. However the word originates from an ancient Greek verb (“αγείρω”) which means “to assemble”. In ancient Greek cities, an Agora was an open space serving as an assembly area, where political, artistic and spiritual life of the city was taking part and backdrop for commercial, civic, social, and religious activities.

Agora is the General Assembly of AEGEE. Each Agora takes place in a different European city. Depending on the capacities of the organising local, up to 1000 active members can take part and decide together about the future of the association.

There are three statutory meetings per year:

  • European Boards’ Meeting (EBM), in early spring.
  • Two Agorae: a Spring Agora and an Autumn Agora.


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April with AEGEE-Praha

Go to Summer University with AEGEE!

The project of Summer Universities with more than 25 year tradition is back again! Register to one of nearly 80 SU’s and spent your best summer with us! At the meeting you will not only discover how to apply, but you will also see how the real SU looks like thanks to the experience of participants from the previous years!

AEGEE-Wien visiting AEGEE-Praha!

At the weekend of April 12 and 13, we are expecting a visit from AEGEE-Vídeň. We are planning a city tour, a dinner, then
The Pub and we will close the evening in Nebe club...

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AEGEE-Europe events /april

Discover Belarus

  • 27.06.2014 – 02.07.2014, DEADLINE 30.04.2014
  • AEGEE-Minsk; Minsk, Belarus
  • Topic: cultural exchange, 16 pax, 110 € (+8 optional)

What do u know about Belarus? For lots of people it’s a hidden, undercovered country…. Are you open for the discoveries? Then this exploring event is right for you! This summer you will have a unique chance to experience Belarus!

Model European Union Mainz 2014

  • 02.07.2014 – 06.07.2014, DEADLINE 13.04.2014
  • AEGEE-Mainz-Wiesbaden; Mainz, Germany
  • Topic: EU politics, Training Course, 45 pax, 70 €

You want to learn about the processes of European politics by heart? Then join our learning trip at MEUM 2014! You’ll be playing the role of either Minister in the EU Council, Member of the EU Parliament or as a Journalist for our Newspaper Mercury.


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March with AEGEE-Praha by the participants

St. Mathew’s Fair with AEGEE­-Praha (5th March)

Author: Jakub Drizga

For this time, we met at St. Mathew´s Fair (Matějská pouť) beside regularly planned Wednesday. Some of us have found out that being an astronaut might not be as easy as it sounds like. The best of the attractions were bumper cars, where we already stayed at ground. All the Wednesday adventure was ended up with international „beer tasting“ at a local pub;).“

Author: Jindra Štěpánek

On Wednesday, March 5, there was no typical Aegee meeting in University of Economics, Prague building. Instead of that, we have visited the St. Matthew´s Fair held in Holešovice. Right behind the entrance gate there are several attractions, which are located there all year long as I remember...

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AEGEE-Europe events /march

Lost in the mountains? Call the Superaege(h)eros!

  • 04.04.2014 – 06.04.2014, DEADLINE 16.03.2014
  • AEGEE-München; Šumava, Czech Republic
  • 30 pax, 50 €

Are you tired of hiding your superhero identity? AEGEE München gets all the superheroes together in one cottage for an intense weekend in no ones land, the mountains between Germany and the Czech Rep. A magical place where we share our superpowers and superknowledge. Do you accept the challenge?

NWM Salerno: United over the Rainbow

  • 10.04.2014 – 13.04.2014, DEADLINE 21.02.2014
  • AEGEE-Salerno; Salerno, Italy
  • Network Meeting: Collaboration between the locals, 40 pax, 35 €

Spring Agora Patra is getting closer! Wouldn’t you like to join other 40 people in one of the most interesting and amazing events of the year? If the answer is yes, join ...

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February with AEGEE-Praha by the participants

Erasmus+ Opportunities meeting with AEGEE-Praha (5th February 2014)

Author: Miriama Hudáková

At the beginning of the last month we dedicated one of our regular meetings to Erasmus+. In

cooperation with DZS we introduced you to some of the basic changes that this new project brought especially in the field of youth. Erasmus + includes both formal education (Erasmus exchanges, master and doctorate studies Erasmus Mundus ), as well as non-formal education through voluntary service, international youth exchanges and partnerships and it also covers many other current topics.

The meeting was attended by several newcomers, however, they actively participated in the discussion by sharing their experiences from abroad and did not fall behind at all...

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Europe on Track 2

Constructing the Europe we want for our future!

Dear members of AEGEE-Praha and all people who are supporting our ideas and activities!

AEGEE-Praha would like to present you the project shielded by our umbrella organization AEGEE-Europe and Organizing team of Europe on Track project, with the kind support of Youth for Public Transportation and InterRail associations, YVote project of AEGEE-Europe and local Prague Transport company.

Europe on Track

Two teams of 3 ambassadors of AEGEE-Europe will travel across the continent from Western Europe, through central-eastern Europe, touching the Balkans and some of the EU neighboring countries, like Belarus and Ukraine...

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