The Local Training Course “Your KEY to AEGEE” was organised on the weekend 10 and 11 May, there were about 20 participants, most of them were new members of Prague antenna but some older and more experienced members took part in the course as well. The event took place in VŠE training centre Točná surrounded by nature while being only 1 hour of travel away from the centre of Prague which makes it a great location for such activities.

The program itself began as soon as all the participants arrived. We spent most of the time on Friday afternoon and again on Saturday with Šárka the president of AEGEE-Praha as our instructor learning about different soft skills topics, often in a very interactive way by playing games and doing personality and other self-knowledge tests. A part of the program was also focused on get-to-know-each-other games and discussions. After getting pleasantly tired by the official program we welcomed the opportunity to relax and try the excellent meals prepared by all the present members of the board.

We spent the first evening playing social games and doing other fun activities. The second evening was themed as the famous European Night, which of course includes wide selection of foods and drinks from many European countries, traditional costumes and most of all the incredible atmosphere that we won’t forget! The weekend experience was definitely worth it and even though we might have been leaving a bit tired, everyone was happy to participate!

On our FB profile you can find pictures 🙂

Author: Jirka Pytela