Human Resources (HR)

– representing AEGEE and looking for new members at student’s fairs, festivals, universities
and others
– creating a calendar of events with the possibility of finding new members or spreading the
word about AEGEE
– take care of the newbies (providing with information, integration)
– helping with organizing local events (Local Training Course, AEGEE Day, workshops,
teambuilding activities…)
– planning and helping to make HR strategy of AEGEE-Praha better
– communication with Universities
– communication with partners

What can get out of being a part of HR WG?
– a deeper overview of what AEGEE means and does on the local and international level
– Improvement of your presentation skills and public speaking and how not to be shy to talk to
strangers (in different languages)
– Overview of how HR works in a student’s organization, how to motivate the members, how
to make them feel important etc.
– Improvement of organization and communication skills
– Chance to use your iniciative and creativity