February with AEGEE-Praha by the participants

Erasmus+ Opportunities meeting with AEGEE-Praha (5th February 2014)

Author: Miriama Hudáková

At the beginning of the last month we dedicated one of our regular meetings to Erasmus+. In

cooperation with DZS we introduced you to some of the basic changes that this new project brought especially in the field of youth. Erasmus + includes both formal education (Erasmus exchanges, master and doctorate studies Erasmus Mundus ), as well as non-formal education through voluntary service, international youth exchanges and partnerships and it also covers many other current topics.

The meeting was attended by several newcomers, however, they actively participated in the discussion by sharing their experiences from abroad and did not fall behind at all. Thanks to Tomáš, for example, we learned a little more about the project Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs. Our treasurer Veronika described her experience with Youth in Action projects, which enabled her to travel to Spain and Greece.

Subjects of the meeting were divided into categories of studies, volunteering, non-formal education and other opportunities. If you missed this event below you can find an overview of options where we can for sure participate more actively. And don´t worry, AEGEE-Praha will be happy to help you!

Valentine’s party (12th February 2014)

Author: Ivan Gálik

Hello all dear Aegeeans, On February 14th everybody celebrated the Valentine´s Day, so we couldn´t miss it out as well. Our special Valentine’s meeting took place at the Roosveltova dormitories of the University of Economics in the basement bar area. Even though no couples did originate due to unsufficient supply of female members, it became a wild crazy evening which resulted in the loss of the keys from our private room. S… happens. We would like to thank especially the organizer Veronika and the local resident there Miriama. Both very cute blond girls from Slovakia. So see U all next time.

Youth in Action in Turkey, Eceabat – Global Warning! (16th – 23rd February 2014)

Author: Alexandra Šebestová

In February, five of us of Prague AEGEE antenna took part in an international project held in Eceabat together with participants from Portugal, Turkey and Poland. Project called Global Warning! was an international discussion on global issues with global warming and environment protection as a main topic.

The main purpose of a pleasantly spent week was to create a public campaign to raise awareness of global issues and to stimulate a discussion with locals, particularly with inhabitants of Çanakkale city. The project implementation was accompanied by social activities to support the creativity of participants and to learn about other cultures. This was enabled, among others, by organizing of cultural evenings or trips to remarkable places of the location. We visited a historical city of Troy and also got the possibility to visit our closest surroundings, which was really refreshing and definitely helped to strengthen relationship within the group.

I would like to compliment the overall organization of the project. I didn’t feel we weren’t given enough free time nor we wouldn’t have used it sufficiently. Moreover, our time in the project was always filled meaningfully and so we learned something new while having fun. I also liked the accommodation, the hospitality and food, which is what the organizators obviously put a point on. The downside of the project was a language barrier, especially during the promotion of our campaign, when we mainly came across a lack of english language skills of locals and we had to fully depend on the help of our Turkish colleagues.

All in all, I believe the project brought an important experience resulting from the different points of view of participants on global issues and from the opportunity to learn more about Turkish culture.

Finally, I also believe that I am not the only one to miss Turkish sweets. 🙂

Travelling meeting (19th February 2014)

Author: Marek Lipták (Serbia)

In the summer 2011 I applied for a summer university, particularly one in Spain. Unfortunately I was not chosen, so I responded to an open call from Serbia, namely from Kragujevac. After all, I’ll try something unconventional. After a few days I received a mail from Lukáš from Bratislava, who allegedly goes too. Super! So we took the road.

Serbia is extremely culturally rich country, Balkan mentality is simply fantastic, great food … Everything was just chill, many tourists do not travel to those destinations, thus everyone around wondered what are we doing there at all. 🙂 Everything was also very traditional and also cheap. We saw several places in Central and Eastern Serbia, caves, churches, discos, water park … What can I say. I personally really liked it there. After the final evaluation, I found that this SU was among those worse ones, but still in my opinion was excellent and I would definitely recommend it further.

Visit to the Sochi Olympic Park at Letná (23rd February 2014)

Author: Lucie Zágorová

Another sports activity that our lady Bára, responsible for this department organized was actually the first one of her sports series that I managed to attend and I must say it was totally worth it! The weather was simply great, it was warm, the sun was shining, the birds were singing… well, not sure about birds, but what I remember is that ice-skating really felt good!

At 18:00 gold medalist were about to show up on the stage and they really did! We could see golden jackets of our sportsmen when Martina Sáblíková and Eva Samková went on the stage with their treasures on the neck! And guess what! Somehow, we figured out that Martina Sáblíková is going to celebrate with her fans in the Pilsner Urquell tent where we were having dinner… yeah, you guess right – we saw her in real! 😉