Czechoslovakian weekend vol. II

One year has passed and AEGEE-Praha participated for the second time in the Czechoslovakian weekend from 21st to 23rd November in a village called Sklené in Vysočina. This event is organised on the occasion of celebrating 17th November. Representatives of Czech and Slovakian AEGEE antennae met for the purpose of partying :D, getting to know other members, sharing experience and planning cooperation between antennae. There were in total 29 participants – 12 from Brno, 11 from Praha, 4 from Plzeň and 2 from Bratislava.

We started on Friday evening by expressing our expectations about the weekend so we could evaluate them at the end to see if we had come up to expectations or not. Then we played some ice-breaking games like cracking balloons with parts of our body etc. And of course a great party until the early hours followed 🙂

On Saturday morning, some of us managed to get up after only 2 hours of sleeping for presenting their antenna, others joined at midday for an outdoor game. We followed ribbons and fulfilled a total of 8 tasks such as shooting an advertisement for a bottle of mead, performing a sketch about stereotypes about 2 nations etc. Some of us had really original ideas, so the most summerly photo of people relaxing in swimsuits by the pond in the middle of November was created (without using Photoshop) 🙂

Last evening we listened to two interesting workshops on CVs and promoting through social media. Then there was a discussion about what some antennae are bad at and others are good at so they can learn from each other. For example Praha advised Plzeň how to effectively recruit new members. AEGEE-Brno also prepared a super-funny quiz. During the last party there was a moment when the dining room was turned into a Viennese ball where everyone shines while dancing waltz and polka. For the next year we highly recommend everyone to practice at least one standard dance :D.

On Sunday, we put our heads together to come up with some ideas for our joint cooperation of Czech and Slovak AEGEE. Although we didn‘t figure out any great joint event, there are several smaller events planned in the near future and we cannot wait to see our Czechoslovakian brothers and sisters again, as soon as possible 🙂

And finally, there are some important points you have to know:

  • Sklené is the centrepiece of the universe – you can’t live without knowing Sklené
  • 4 hours of sleep is enough for the whole weekend
  • If you don’t want to lose your kidneys, never confess on AEGEE event that you had a birthday the day before
  • snakes farts
  • if you are a nice brunette of tiny appearance, you have a great chance to become the president of an AEGEE antenna 🙂

Author: Karolína Šerá