Christmas Party of AEGEE-Praha

Christmas time is over and with it also the period of Christmas parties, the most beloved and inseparable Christmas tradition. There is rarely better opportunity to meet all members, form new friendships and meet the board. That’s why we all met on December the 17th in the bar U Milé Tchýně in the center of Prague, where we celebrated for the last time in 2014 and set our mood for Christmas. But it wouldn’t be it without traditional home-baked Christmas cookies, mulled wine, toddy and ever-present great mood.

This year’s party was held in the spirit of Czech movies and the programme was set accordingly. As always we started with a toast. Šárka Vostarková, the president of AEGEE-Praha, gave the opening speech, in which she wished happy holidays to all members and then the magical evening was ready to start. First activity on the programme was a theme game, in which all members had to find their fairy tale/movie partner. Right upon entrance everyone received a small card with his/her movie character on it and during the evening using clever questions everyone had to find their counterpart. We can easily say that no princess was left without her prince Charming and even the witch Saxana found her broom. Another point in the programme was the Secret baby Jesus. Everyone who brought a gift could in return be given present from under the Christmas tree. We also held a secret vote in various categories, such as “the most beautiful smile”, “the funniest member”, “the biggest party man”, “the biggest AEGEE spirit”, “the nicest butt” and the last category “with whom would you like to spend this night”. Every member was allowed to vote and the results were announced just before midnight. The highlight of the evening was shooting the video for the Europe sings Jingle Bells! project, in which other 11 European AEGEE antennae were involved. We sang our hearts out. You can watch the video on our Facebook page. There were all together over 40 AEGEE members and I believe I speak for all of them when I say that we finished the year 2014 with style and we are all looking forward to the new one, together with AEGEE.

The best about this Christmas party was the amazing and friendly atmosphere. For me as a new member, it was the first opportunity to participate in AEGEE-Praha’s event and get to know the members of our antenna. And it was amazing! I felt a strong warmth and passion from every single person I met there. The members of AEGEE-Praha are not only a group of people with the same interests, but they are mainly a group of friends who form a very well functioning team. I was completely excited and I am sure, every future event will be just better and better for me.

Author: Lucie Růžičková