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AEGEE-Praha wishes you Merry Christmas!

Dear AEGEE-Praha members and fans!

AEGEE-Praha wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

And what can you expect in the new year 2016?

Enough of eating Christmas sweets and potato salad, it’s time to get back to shape again! So we will begin with badminton and beach volleyball tournaments, ice-skating workshop, laser game or championship in table football.

At the beginning of spring we will visit AEGEE-Berlin, which is the second part of our exchange. Let’s go with us and enjoy the role of a guest this time!

Newbies and all the members who want to find out more about AEGEE or just have fun with us can participate in Local Training Course (LTC) that is going to be held in the Czech Republic.

And the most important thing of the year 2016 is the celebration of AEGEE-Praha‘s 25...

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How was the conference 30 YEARS OF AEGEE?

When I found out that this celebrating conference is going to be held quite close to the place I currently study (Cologne) I immediately decided to go there. Luckily Brussels is close to Cologne, it takes only about three hours by bus. What was a bit pity is that I couldn’t participate the whole event, because I had final exam from one block seminar. So I missed Thursday and almost all from Friday. I arrived on Friday just when the dinner was served. After dinner we went to taste the best French fries in the city (tip: when you are choosing your dressing, choose Andalusia). Waiting for the French fries I got to know some new people from AEGEE Heidelberg, Udine, Talinn and the president of AEGEE-Tartu.

French-fries in the city

(photo: the best French fries in the city, but the queue was horrible, don’t ask me ho...

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NWM Budapest 2014

On 4th December, few days after a cold wave which stopped the traffic all over the central Europe, I, Michal Šulai, and our beloved treasurer Karolina Jandová went to represent AEGEE-Praha at Autumn Network Meeting Budapest 2014. Right after our arrival, we were really nicely surprised that organizers were waiting for us at the bus station to accompany us to the hostel. During our way in Budapest’s metro I remembered my childhood a little bit. Ticket validating system was similar to one which had been used in Prague twenty years ago. Also the old unreconstructed soviet metro cars evoked me good old times. At the hostel located in the centre of Budapest we shared a room with our friends from AEGEE-Brno, AEGEE-Bratislava, AEGEE-Poznan, AEGEE- Debrecen and AEGEE-Dresden...

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Agora”, coming from the Greek word “αγορά”, stands for marketplace. However the word originates from an ancient Greek verb (“αγείρω”) which means “to assemble”. In ancient Greek cities, an Agora was an open space serving as an assembly area, where political, artistic and spiritual life of the city was taking part and backdrop for commercial, civic, social, and religious activities.

Agora is the General Assembly of AEGEE. Each Agora takes place in a different European city. Depending on the capacities of the organising local, up to 1000 active members can take part and decide together about the future of the association.

There are three statutory meetings per year:

  • European Boards’ Meeting (EBM), in early spring.
  • Two Agorae: a Spring Agora and an Autumn Agora.


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AEGEE-Europe events /april

Discover Belarus

  • 27.06.2014 – 02.07.2014, DEADLINE 30.04.2014
  • AEGEE-Minsk; Minsk, Belarus
  • Topic: cultural exchange, 16 pax, 110 € (+8 optional)

What do u know about Belarus? For lots of people it’s a hidden, undercovered country…. Are you open for the discoveries? Then this exploring event is right for you! This summer you will have a unique chance to experience Belarus!

Model European Union Mainz 2014

  • 02.07.2014 – 06.07.2014, DEADLINE 13.04.2014
  • AEGEE-Mainz-Wiesbaden; Mainz, Germany
  • Topic: EU politics, Training Course, 45 pax, 70 €

You want to learn about the processes of European politics by heart? Then join our learning trip at MEUM 2014! You’ll be playing the role of either Minister in the EU Council, Member of the EU Parliament or as a Journalist for our Newspaper Mercury.


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AEGEE-Europe events /march

Lost in the mountains? Call the Superaege(h)eros!

  • 04.04.2014 – 06.04.2014, DEADLINE 16.03.2014
  • AEGEE-München; Šumava, Czech Republic
  • 30 pax, 50 €

Are you tired of hiding your superhero identity? AEGEE München gets all the superheroes together in one cottage for an intense weekend in no ones land, the mountains between Germany and the Czech Rep. A magical place where we share our superpowers and superknowledge. Do you accept the challenge?

NWM Salerno: United over the Rainbow

  • 10.04.2014 – 13.04.2014, DEADLINE 21.02.2014
  • AEGEE-Salerno; Salerno, Italy
  • Network Meeting: Collaboration between the locals, 40 pax, 35 €

Spring Agora Patra is getting closer! Wouldn’t you like to join other 40 people in one of the most interesting and amazing events of the year? If the answer is yes, join ...

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