How was the conference 30 YEARS OF AEGEE?

When I found out that this celebrating conference is going to be held quite close to the place I currently study (Cologne) I immediately decided to go there. Luckily Brussels is close to Cologne, it takes only about three hours by bus. What was a bit pity is that I couldn’t participate the whole event, because I had final exam… Read more →

NWM Budapest 2014

On 4th December, few days after a cold wave which stopped the traffic all over the central Europe, I, Michal Šulai, and our beloved treasurer Karolina Jandová went to represent AEGEE-Praha at Autumn Network Meeting Budapest 2014. Right after our arrival, we were really nicely surprised that organizers were waiting for us at the bus station to accompany us to… Read more →

Christmas Party of AEGEE-Praha

Christmas time is over and with it also the period of Christmas parties, the most beloved and inseparable Christmas tradition. There is rarely better opportunity to meet all members, form new friendships and meet the board. That’s why we all met on December the 17th in the bar U Milé Tchýně in the center of Prague, where we celebrated for… Read more →

March with AEGEE-Praha by the participants

St. Mathew’s Fair with AEGEE­-Praha (5th March) Author: Jakub Drizga For this time, we met at St. Mathew´s Fair (Matějská pouť) beside regularly planned Wednesday. Some of us have found out that being an astronaut might not be as easy as it sounds like. The best of the attractions were bumper cars, where we already stayed at ground. All the… Read more →

February with AEGEE-Praha by the participants

Erasmus+ Opportunities meeting with AEGEE-Praha (5th February 2014) Author: Miriama Hudáková At the beginning of the last month we dedicated one of our regular meetings to Erasmus+. In cooperation with DZS we introduced you to some of the basic changes that this new project brought especially in the field of youth. Erasmus + includes both formal education (Erasmus exchanges, master… Read more →