Working Group

Working Groups and Project Teams carry out the thematic work of AEGEE-Europe. AEGEE members from all over Europe share common interests. To express their visions and share their knowledge and experience international working groups are created, organising discussions, conferences and other events in their topics in different countries of Europe.

Commissions, Committes

Commissions and Committees have a supportive role in AEGEE: Committees share much characteristics with working groups, but instead of contributing to AEGEE’s fields of action directly, they help the other bodies by providing them services, information, infrastructure and materials needed to fulfill their tasks.

Their aim of the Commissions is to supervise the accomplishment of the rules which direct the functioning of AEGEE.


Some of AEGEE’s aims are easier to achieve by creating dedicated projects for them: these projects, while fulfilling their aims give birth to discussions, publications and events closely related to a well-defined topic.

Governing Bodies

All the above mentioned bodies are governed and coordinated by AEGEE’s main institutions: the Agora, which is AEGEE’s General Assembly, and the executive board of AEGEE-Europe called the Comité Directeur. The Chair is responsible for AEGEE’s statutory meetings, the Agora and the European Boards’ Meeting.



Working Groups