Introductory Provisions

Paragraph 1

Law Form

AEGEE – Praha has been founded as a civil group, according to law no. 83/1990 Sb.

Paragraph 2

Name and Residence

  1. The name of the organization is „AEGEE – Praha“. AEGEE is an abbreviation of the French „Association de Etats Généraux des Etudiants de l`Europe“ ( European Student’s Forum )
  2. The address of the organization is: VŠE (University of Economics), nám. W. Churchilla 4, Praha 3, 130 67, ČR (Czech Republic)

Paragraph 3

AEGEE – Praha Status

By signing of the Convention d`Adhésion á AEGEE – Europe ( Agreement ),  AEGEE Praha has become a member of the international association of student’s groups AEGEE – Europe ( AEGEE – Europe ) and is entitled to the name AEGEE – Praha.

Paragraph 4

AEGEE – Praha commits to:

  1. Adhere to the rules of AEGEE – Europe, which are set forth by the Agreement and Corpus Iuridicum Aegeense (AEGEE – Europe Statutes ), provided that they are not in conflict with the laws of the Czech Republic.
  2. Send delegates either to two Agorae ( general assembly of AEGEE – Europe ) or to one AGORA and one European Boards Meeting.
  3. Pass 25% of the membership fees from AEGEE – Praha members on to AEGEE – Europe.
  4. Submit to AEGEE – Europe a Financial Report and an Activity Report each year by the deadline set by AEGEE – Europe.
  5. Submit to AEGEE – Europe the description of activities and projects planned for the following calendar year by the deadline set by AEGEE – Europe.
  6. Submit to AEGEE – Europe a list of members of AEGEE – Praha before each AGOROU.

Paragraph 5

Objective and purpose

  1. The purpose of AEGEE – Praha is to associate students of Czech universities and to promote relations and cooperation between them, students from other European countries, and Czech and European institutions through organizing local and European projects.
  2. The objective is to allow intercultural exchange between young people and to contribute to practical implementation of the European integration on the level of interpersonal relations.
  3. In order to achieve this goal, AEGEE – Praha organizes projects, mainly:
    1. conferences
    2. summer universities
    3. exchanges
    4. regular member meetings and local events
    5. educational seminars and others

Paragraph 6


  1. Members can be either regular or honorary.
    1. Regular membership
      1.                                                                i.            A regular member is each person, who studies and studied at a university or tertiary technical school, agreed to rules and conditions set forth by these Statutes, and who paid the membership fee.
      2.                                                               ii.            The fundamental obligation of each regular member is to pay membership fees.
      3.                                                             iii.            A regular member is entitled to participate in member assemblies and to vote during them.
      4. Honorary membership
        1.                                                                i.            A honorary membership can be given to any person, who has made a strong contribution to reaching the aims and objectives of AEGEE – Praha. Honorary members are proposed by the board (see paragraph 13) and agreed upon by the member assembly.
        2.                                                               ii.            A regular member is entitled to participate in member assemblies and to vote during them.
  2. Regular membership is valid for one year, starting on the day following the day, when the membership fee was paid. The membership can be extended by a year through another payment of the fee.
  3. The membership ceases to exist:
    1. By making a written announcement about secession from AEGEE – Praha by the member and its delivery to any board member.
    2. By a decision of the board; this can be done when the member acted against the aims and objectives of AEGEE – Praha or failed to pay the membership fee. The affected member can appeal against such decision to the member assembly.
    3. when AEGEE – Praha ceases to exist.
    4. by death.

Paragraph 7

Membership fee

  1. The membership fee is to be paid once a year.
  2. The amount of the fee is set by the board.
  3. Honorary members do not pay the membership fee.
  4. Board members and Supervisory board members do not have to pay membership fees during their time in office, provided that the Board does not decide otherwise.



Paragraph 8

Management of property (organization’s economy)

  1. AEGEE-Praha’s financial sources are: Fees, Participant’s fees within particular projects, Sponsorships, Public organizations‘ grants and Non-governmental organizations‘ subsidies, and other earnings.
  2. Expenditures namely are: Particular projects organization costs, necessary funding for AEGEE-Praha’s work.


Paragraph 9

Property operation

  1. Bank account operations are controlled by President and by President empowered persons. Also, Supervisory board and late president is able to inspect bank account balance and movement of account.
  2. Cash is controlled by Treasurer or by AEGEE-Board empowered person.
  3. Personal estate of AEGEE-Praha is controlled by Board or by Board empowered person. Personal estate list is part of every annual report of AEGEE-Praha.


Organizational setup

Paragraph 10

AEGEE-Praha’s Authorities are:

  1. Members‘ Convention (AGORA Praha)
  2. President
  3. Board
  4. Supervisory board


Paragraph 11


  1. The convention is the supreme body of AEGEE-Praha
  2. The convention consists of all members of AEGEE-Praha
  3. The convention elects and votes for dismissal of President, Board and Supervisory board in closed ballot.
  4. The convention approves the Annual report, votes for alterations of memorandum and dissolution of AEGEE-Praha
  5. The convention decides about members‘ dissolution against Board’s resolution.
  6. The Convention can take a vote on other issues too, the Board is bound by its resolution.
  7. The convention adopts a resolution by absolute majority of present members, unless otherwise indicated.
  8. Session of the convention is called by Board, Supervisory board, President or at least one tenth of all members.



Paragraph 12


  1. President represents AEGEE-Praha in the Czech Republic and abroad.
  2. President maintains relation with AEGEE-Europe and other important subjects outside organization.
  3. President decides in case of even division of votes in Board poll.
  4. President confers full powers to empowered person for representation of AEFEE-Praha. The authority is time-limited till the end of constituent’s electoral term at longest.
  5. President is a member of Board at the same time.
  6. President is appointing Vice-President. Vice-President is selected of Board’s members.
  7. In the phase during which the president’s office is not occupied competences are held in hands of Vice-President.
  8. President is appointed for the period of one year.


Paragraph 13

The Board

  1. The Board is the executive body of AEGEE-Praha
  2. The Board is elected by the convention during closed ballot.
  3. Only member of AEGEE-Praha is allowed to become a member of the Board.
  4. The Board namely are:

obligatory: President,  Secretary, Treasurer

optional: Fundraising Responsible, Public Relations Responsible, Event Responsible, IT Responsible ( Webmaster ) and others according to Board’s decision.


  1. The Board draws up Financial Report a Activity Report for AEGEE – Europe.
  2. The Board draws up the Annual report of AEGEE-Praha for the preceding year and presents it to the Convention.
  3. The Board approves AEGEE-Praha’s projects, its information and documents, and sets up the fees range. Also, the Board is empowered to authorize members with performance of the tasks, it is held liable to AEGEE-Europe and executes other duties connected with management of AEGEE-Praha.
  4. The Board has a quorum when at least three its members are present and one of which is President or Vice-President.
  5. The Board decides by simple majority of present Board’s members. President decides in case of tie.
  6. The Board is elected for one year period.


Paragraph 14

Supervisory board


  1. The Supervisory board is the supervising body of AEGEE – Prague
  2. The Supervisory board is elected through a secret voting at the Meeting of members
  3. As a member of the Supervisory board may become a former member of the AEGEE‑Prague Board only
  4. The Supervisory board consists of up to three members
  5. The Chairman of the Supervisory board is elected by the members of the Supervisory board
  6. The Supervisory board makes its decisions by a simple majority of the participating members of the board in the case of an equality of votes the Chairman shall be entitled to a casting vote
  7. The Supervisory board oversees the observance of statutes by the Board and the management of the organisation
  8. The Supervisory board is elected for the duration of one year


Paragraph 15

Act in the name of AEGEE-Praha

On behalf of AEGEE-Praha are able to act:

  1. President
  2. Vice-President
  3. 2 members of the Board
  4. other members if empowered by President


Paragraph 16


  1. Every member has one vote.
  2. Only individuals physically present at a members meeting have a voting right. In case that on official web-pages of Aegee – Praha for the chosen voting the possibility of text message (“SMS”) or email voting is stated, voting of this kind is valid.
  3. Information about new Board election, Supervisory board election, voting on Aegee – Praha annual report, Board discharge must be published on Aegee – Praha official web pages at least 10 days before. Information on other voting can be also published in the same way if the Board approves that.

Final provisions

Paragraph 17

Duration and discharge

  1. Aegee – Praha is founded with unlimited operating period.
  2. For the discharge of Aegee – Praha it is necessary to have confirmation from all members of the Board and at least 2/3 of members present on a members meeting.

Paragraph 18


  1. Statures are valid from the day of approval by the Board and members meeting.
  2. For changes in Statures, approval of the Board and at least 2/3 of members present on a members meeting is necessary.
  3. In case that some of articles of Statures are not valid, others remain valid.
  4. Every member must behave according to the Statures.