About us

AEGEE-Praha is one of the branch (so called antenna) within the student organization AEGEE, which gathers more than 13 000 members in a unique network enabling not only personal development and education, but also involving in the large scale of projects and activites, discovering new cultures and networking.

AEGEE-Praha was founded in 1991 and it offers a wide range of international projects and activities organized not only by the antenna in Prague, but anywhere in the whole Europe.

Members of AEGEE-Praha meet at the regular Wednesday meeting or during a variety of different activities. You can also become a member! You’ll find more information here.


travelling ● projects ● Summer University ● Agora ● European School ● intercultural exchagnes personal development ● self-knowledge ● traditions ● new friends ● European night ● discussion

Activities of AEGEE-Praha

  • regular weekly meetings – always on Wednesdays at 19:30, different topic very time: travelling meetings, educational and professional workshops, news from the AEGEE world, networking
  • Summer University
  • local and regional training courses, conferences
  • international exchanges
  • teambuilding events and sports activities
  • and much more 🙂