AEGEE-Praha celebrated birthday

Try to imagine that you are sitting in a park with a bunch of great people, the sun is warming but no burning and there is a smell of grilled meat in the air. You are sipping a beer and looking forward to a full cake. You are enjoing the relaxing atmosphere you have been looking forward for all winter. That was the celebration of the 23rd birthday of AEGEE-Praha, which took place on May 21 at the Riegrovy sady.

But first things first. When I arrived with a slight delay after six o’clock, necessary grill was burning and blankets were occupied by the first impatients. The task number one was to pick up your beer or limo, squat on the grass, breathe and look forward to the next members. They were coming during all the night and I would not be surprised if the total number of participants was attacking thirty.
Radek, head chef of the evening, was suppling us with first quality material – pork, turkey, zucchini. One can not really complain. The biggest surprise, however, was a first-class birthday cake that sported the logo of AEGEE and necessary 23 number. I had never seen brithday cake like this before. I can not say you how it tasted because you would like to kill me then 🙂

We were playing frisbee, new members were talking to seniors to hear their experiences and funny stories. We left our birthday post long after the dark. Long-distance runners then continued towards the nearest bar and the hardiest of them went to the beds at early morning.

Thanks to the organizers for this amazing event. I am looking forward to more like this!

On our Facebook you can find pictures from this event.

Author: Tomáš Ledba

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