AEGEE-Europe events /march

Lost in the mountains? Call the Superaege(h)eros!

  • 04.04.2014 – 06.04.2014, DEADLINE 16.03.2014
  • AEGEE-München; Šumava, Czech Republic
  • 30 pax, 50 €

Are you tired of hiding your superhero identity? AEGEE München gets all the superheroes together in one cottage for an intense weekend in no ones land, the mountains between Germany and the Czech Rep. A magical place where we share our superpowers and superknowledge. Do you accept the challenge?

NWM Salerno: United over the Rainbow

  • 10.04.2014 – 13.04.2014, DEADLINE 21.02.2014
  • AEGEE-Salerno; Salerno, Italy
  • Network Meeting: Collaboration between the locals, 40 pax, 35 €

Spring Agora Patra is getting closer! Wouldn’t you like to join other 40 people in one of the most interesting and amazing events of the year? If the answer is yes, join us in the beautiful southern Italian city of Salerno!

NWM Cluj-Napoca: Discover, Imagine, Create

  • 10.04.2014 – 13.04.2014, DEADLINE 16.03.2014
  • AEGEE-Cluj-Napoca; Cluj-Napoca, Romania
  • Network Meeting: Collaboration between the locals, 40 pax, 35 €

Do you want to understand the outcome of the EBM and to be perfect prepared for the Agora in Patra? Maybe all these sounds boring but maybe you haven’t imagine yourself having workshop in an awesome chalet of the mountains of Cluj-Napoca, the European Youth Capital of 2015. Your capital!


  • 25.04.2014 – 30.04.2014, DEADLINE 25.03.2014
  • AEGEE-Çanakkale; Çanakkale, Turkey
  • Topic: Lets burn the fire together, 45 pax, 45 €

IN SHORT: Are you ready to join 5 days sport,discover new ideas,workshops,parties and meet Turkish culture before you rush to the AGORA PATRA 2014 you should come to Çanakkale.

The Lord of Wine: The Return of Dionysus

  • 25.04.2014 – 30.04.2014, DEADLINE 12.03.2014
  • AEGEE-Thessaloniki; Thessaloniki, Greece
  • Pre-event of Agora, 40 pax, 80 €

It’s true! The Agora returns to where it started from… Greece! Shouldn’t you first make a stop though before arriving there?

Pre-event for Agora Patra:haLALAlathy with AEGEE Skopje!

  • 26.04.2014 – 30.04.2014, DEADLINE 22.03.2014
  • AEGEE-Skopje; Skopje, FYROM
  • Pre-event of Agora, Topic: Spreading the healthy lifestyle, 25 pax, 48 €

If you still don’t know how to haLALAlthy, then this is your chance! Aegee Skopje will make sure that you are all ready and set for Agora Patra. Let’s enjoy spring together and haLALAlthy all the way.

Discover Belarus

  • 27.06.2014 – 02.07.2014, DEADLINE 30.04.2014
  • AEGEE-Minsk; Minsk, Belarus
  • Topic: cultural exchange, 16 pax, 110 € (+8 optional)

What do u know about Belarus? For lots of people it’s a hidden, undercovered country…. Are you open for the discoveries? Then this exploring event is right for you! This summer you will have a unique chance to experience Belarus!

Model European Union Mainz 2014

  • 02.07.2014 – 06.07.2014, DEADLINE 13.04.2014
  • AEGEE-Mainz-Wiesbaden; Mainz, Germany
  • Topic: EU politics, Training Course, 45 pax, 70 €

You want to learn about the processes of European politics by heart? Then join our learning trip at MEUM 2014! You’ll be playing the role of either Minister in the EU Council, Member of the EU Parliament or as a Journalist for our Newspaper Mercury.

You’ll find more information on the intranet of AEGEE: